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We spend a third of our lives sleeping yet we rarely think of the million dust mites that can inhabit a single mattress or the soil that lurks beneath the surface of our bedding. Dust mites are tiny pests (invisible to the naked eye) that have the tendency to trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.

Mima Organic Cleaning Services specializes in reducing and controlling dust mite populations without releasing any harmful toxic chemicals. Having your mattress professionally deep cleaned can make a significant impact on your health and that of your family.

Our Montreal-based mattress cleaning service will revive the way your mattress looks, removing even the most deeply embedded stains and spots.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Initial extraction of surface dust with a pure HEPA filtration vacuum.

2. Deep penetration using an industrial state-of-the-art steam cleaning machine. The boiler emits a dry vapour of 320 degrees F which instantly destroys all micro-organisms beneath the surface.

3. Thorough extraction of all remaining cells with an industrial strength 2200 amp HEPA filter machine.

4. Spray surface with an all natural, anti-allergen microbial solution to prevent the reproduction of micro-organisms.

Do you dream of bright, fresh and chemical-free mattresses? Give us a call and let us take care or your cleaning needs. We offer FREE estimates by phone or in person, 7 days a week. We are always excited to hear from our Montreal friends!