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Nettoyage de Bureau et Maison 514-814-3131

Welcome to Mima’s Organic Office and House Cleaning Services


You may not think about this very often, but you are frequently exposed to a large variety of cleaning products throughout your day. Whether you clean your home & office yourself, or have professional cleaners come in; numerous cleaning products are used on nearly every surface in your home or office, from the kitchen and bathrooms to the floors and furniture.

Many commonly used cleaning products are petroleum based, and in addition to their negative environmental impact, they can also be harmful to you and your family. Children, the elderly, pets and employees face the greatest risk from toxic cleaning products. That’s why a non-toxic & chemical free cleaning service is an ideal option for an effective and safe house or office cleaning.

We are proud to offer top-notch residential and commercial cleaning services tailored to meet your particular needs. Every home or office is unique, which is why we will work with your customized priority list, so you can rest assured that we will focus on whatever is most important to you.

Our friendly office & home cleaning staff is always ready to coordinate cleanings that work within your schedule. Whether you want daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as-needed cleaning, we’ll be there whenever you need us.

We also provide services beyond regular housekeeping. If you would like some help with laundry, room/home organization, or other household chores, our housekeepers will be happy to discuss and arrange a customized plan to meet your particular needs.

Service includes, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, wipe-offs, wipe-downs, bathrooms, kitchen and cafeteria area, appliances, all garbage’s. General cleaning throughout every room or office, we dust off all flat surfaces, baseboards and remove cobwebs.

Mima is committed to giving our clients excellent customer service with a quality-trained staff. We run criminal background checks on all of our team members. We strive to give professional services with an exceptional work ethic. Our passion for serving and satisfying our customers sets us apart from other companies in our industry by building a first and lasting impression, one customer at a time.

Your satisfaction is important to us and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of our home & office cleaning services, give us a call today for a free estimation and let us take care of your cleaning needs.