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Cars, Boats & RV Cleaning

With all the dust and grime that builds up in a city like Montreal everyone’s car, truck, boat, RV, could use a good cleaning every once and a while. Our steam extraction method is perfect for removing what life throws at your car’s interior. We can remove what your kids left in the back seat or just what builds up on those daily work treks.

When soil and soot invade your carpet or upholstery surfaces they act like sand paper sanding the delicate fibers. Over time this leads to the wear or fiber damage that makes the surfaces to old and dirty. Regular cleanings will help eliminate the dirt that is the leading cause of the fiber damage.

We always enjoy cleaning vehicles. It is probably a service that our regular clients do not even know we offer. Whether it be a couch or minivan seat the process is still pretty much the same. We have had incredible results on both the upholstery and carpeting from Jaguars to Suburbans. We always offer a discount if we clean the vehicle while we are at your home doing other services.

You don’t have to live with that dirty car, truck, boat, RV, anymore. Call Mima Organic Cleaning Services to schedule an appointment today.