• How to avoid carpet cleaning scams

    The majority of carpet cleaning companies in Montreal are run by good ethical people. Like every other profession, there will be some bad apples. Be aware the most basic carpet cleaning scam is called “Bait and switch” in this scam, the carpet cleaning company will try to get into your home with an incredibly low price, Read more

  • The advantages of professional carpet cleaning services vs do-it-yourself units

    We have all seen the little carpet cleaning machines for rent at our local grocery or hardware store, but how efficient are they compared with professional carpet cleaning services? These do-it-yourself cleaning units may be good for certain “smaller” jobs and they are supposed to cost less. But do they? Yes when you look at Read more

  • Organic Carpet Cleaning Services are more affordable then you may think

    Carpet cleaning is a service recommended for households once a year in order to extract all the dirt, stains, grit, sand, and allergens, which accumulate over time from regular use. However, if you think of it many carpet cleaning companies use various “chemicals” to do so, which in return may be just as harmful for Read more

  • Helpful Cleaning Tips

    Helpful Cleaning Tips

    Vacuuming/Carpet Vacuum cleaning is vital in maintaining your carpets appearance and preventing severe deterioration. In areas of high use this should be done daily to remove dry soil, dust and grit which can damage carpet fibers and to restore your flattened pile to an upright position. An upright carpet cleaner with strong suction and rotating Read more

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